Cybersecurity & Cloud Observability
with SQL.

Harness the power of Osquery and Elasticsearch to manage
Endpoint Security, VAPT, Compliance, Logs and Metrics.


Sttor is a platform to manage your cybersecurity, logs and metrics.

Security Analytics

Osquery's SQL powered fleet manager for FIM, Audit & Compliance, etc.

Cloud SIEM

Realtime IOCs/Threat detection and investigation. Establish Correlation and Configure Alerts.

Automated VAPT

Scan your APIs and Infrastructure with hosted tools like Nmap, OpenVAS and OWASP ZAP.

Endpoint Security

Manage your servers and laptops security with pre-configured queries, alerts and responses.

Hosted Kibana

Ingest logs, metrics from anywhere into hosted kibana with opendistro ML, SQL plugins.

ElastAlert - Slack

UI for Yelp's ElastAlert and Kibana plugin. Get notified on slack, jira, email, pagerduty, etc.

osquery powered Endpoint Security SaaS

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Automated vulnerability management will help you updating insecure and outdated assets before attackers exploit them.

  • Incident Response
  • Remotely run live queries on systems. The query pack is included to detect various IOAs/IOCs by validating it against threat intel feeds.

  • IT Compliance
  • The compliance pack will determine incompliant machines and help you with GDPR, SOC2 and PCI-DSS.

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • File and directory can be monitored for any addition, deletion and access changes with validation against malware signatures.

  • Host Intrusion Detection
  • Sttor enables identification of Malwares, APTs, Ransomwares, Rootkits based on signatures (50M+), anomalies & ML.

Add-ons: Observalibility
with Kibana and opendistro for Elasticsearch

Get started in few minutes by configuring Beats output. Ingest Logs & metrics to visualize, monitor and search. You will get credentials for hosted Kibana and ES.

  • Ingest logs from popular data sources.
  • Visualize in preconfigured dashboards.
  • Collect metrics from the operating system and services
  • Configure Alerts for monitoring.
  • Anomaly Detectors using Machine Learning Plugin.

How it works

Sttor provides osquery fleet manager, All we need to do is install osquery on machines.


Sttor is powered by opensource osquery.
needs to be installed on all the machines.


The data collected are stored securely (single-tenant) in AWS Elasticsearch.


Sttor has its own UI system (not kibana). The Realtime events can be visualised, investigated in the stream.


Endpoint Security Assessment Report will be generated daily. Instant alerts can be enabled in the case of any intrusions, incidents and vulnerabilities.

Choose the best
one for you

Sttor will cater you on singletenant environment. Pricing is per Endpoints.



$ 1.99 /Endpoint/mo
  • 3 days Log Retention
  • 50 LiveQuery
  • Unlimited Endpoints
  • 5GB free/month
  • 1.99$ per extra GBs
  • Email Support
  • Upto 2 users
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$ 2.99 /Endpoint/mo
  • 7-15 days Log Retention
  • Unlimited Endpoints
  • Unlimited LiveQueries
  • 15GB free/month
  • 1.99$ per extra GBs
  • Email & Zoom Support
  • Upto 10 users
  • Kibana Plugin
  • Log Archival on S3
  • VAPT Scans
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